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MagnaClean Filters

Power Flush London use the best power flushing equipment to carry out a power flush and 'de-sludge' of any domestic central heating system. The filters we use are by MagnaClean, a brand leader in power flushing equipment.

To ensure the best results every time, MagnaClean have developed a very effective, full-flow, magnetic filter that will remove nearly all of the suspended black iron oxide that often clogs up older central heating systems. The filters will make your central heating system far more efficient and help save you money.

The MagnaClean Power Flushing Filter has been developed by extensive research and is what central heating professionals need to guarantee the best and most effective cleansing results and improve efficiency ratings of all types of central heating systems.

Power Flush London use the MagnaClean Power Flushing Filter to maximise results and to make sure our customers see quick results. The benefits can be seen below -

  • Black iron oxide contaminants are filtered out of the water
  • Helps to stop sludge building up in the system 
  • Very eco friendly and will certainly help you save money over time 

If you have a domestic central heating system that appears to be working hard but not as effective as you think it should be, we strongly advise having a Magnaclean filter fitted before problems occur and the system breaks down altogether. Cold radiators and a noisy pump are sure sign that there maybe an accumulation of sludge in the system. The MagnaClean filter will eliminate black sludge deposits much more quickly than they can build up. This will keep your your heating system running much more efficiently and prevent it breaking down. The MagnaClean filter will also slow down the 'ageing' process of the system and help to extend its lifespan.

A good reason to have a MagnaClean filter fitted -
In addition to the problems associated with breakdowns and paying more than you need to for heating bills as a result of sludge build up, insurance companies will not cover these critical areas as they happen all too often.

To ensure your central heating system works as efficiently as possible we strongly advise you to have a MagnaClean Filter fitted to your central heating systems after we have carried out the power flushing process.